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What can we say about teen suicide?

During the past three years, six students at W.T. Woodson High School in Fairfax County, Virginia died by suicide. Newton, Massachusetts lost three high school students to suicide in recent months. Both communities are heavily populated with high-achieving families, who start plotting their children’s pathways to elite colleges at ever-earlier ages. (My own son, who starts ... [Continue Reading]

Five Keys to a Great Radio Interview

Here are some powerful tips that you won’t find in the typical guide to doing interviews on radio.   1. Remember that radio is fundamentally a visual medium. That may sound strange at first, but it’s a concept that network and major market radio personalities and reporters use all the time. Skilled broadcasters realize that radio creates visual images in the minds of its ... [Continue Reading]

The “Awareness” Trap

Not long ago, a medical supply company had a nice thought. One of their product lines was hospital gloves; what if they manufactured a special line of pink gloves, to increase awareness of breast cancer? “We thought that seeing health care workers wear pink gloves would remind people to talk about breast cancer,” a company spokesperson told ABC News. It became a minor hit on ... [Continue Reading]

Strategy 101: The Know | Feel | Do Approach

It’s one thing to recognize a problem; it’s another thing to figure out how best to define and tackle it to create meaningful change. To help my clients do this, I often use a simple but very effective approach that I call “Know|Feel|Do.” Here’s an example. In one of my projects, the focus was on reducing the number of depressed teens who slip through the cracks. After some ... [Continue Reading]

Future and Reality of Gaming Conference

I just returned from the 5th Future and Reality of Gaming (F.R.O.G.) conference  at the chandelier-infested Vienna City Hall, where I gave a talk and answered questions as part of a panel titled, “What the FROG is Media Competence?” The conference was sponsored by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth’s Bundesstelle für die Positivprädikatisierung von ... [Continue Reading]

Media competence: Do we have it?

Here is a summary of my remarks at the Future and Reality of Gaming (F.R.O.G.) Conference in Vienna, Austria in October, 2011. I was asked to introduce the topic, “What the FROG is Media Competence?” I started my career as a media producer, not an academic. The reason I went back to university to earn a doctorate was to learn how to evaluate my media work and make it ... [Continue Reading]