Consulting, Research and Speaking on Health and Media Issues


 “Cheryl gave the opening presentation at our inaugural conference on Consumer Culture and the Ethical Treatment of Children. Her engaging combination of data, humor, and implications for practice — combined with a dose of controversy — inspired the audience and set the right note for the rest of the conference.”

—Elizabeth Taylor Quilliam, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Children’s Central
Dept. of Advertising, Public Relations & Retailing
Michigan State University

I custom-tailor and deliver speeches and workshops to professionals, educators, parents, and industry.

Sample topics:

  • Dr. Olson keynote in S. Korea

    Dr. Olson keynote in S. Korea

  • Surprising truths about video games: Are we worried about the wrong things?
  • Using mass media to promote health: A practical workshop for researchers and health professionals
  • Planning a results-oriented behavior change campaign
  • Improving patient response to media messages on health
  • Bang for the buck: Demonstrating your program’s value through strategic evaluation
  • Mental health and the media: from stigma to suicide
  • Violent video games and youth: What we know, what we can do
  • How video games may harm help our kids
  • Video game “addiction”
  • Media literacy/media competence: What our children need to know

 “The first PEGI Congress (Malta, November 2010) discussed the present and future of age ratings for videogames and the protection of minors in general. The reactions to the event have been overwhelmingly positive, and part of that is thanks to Dr. Olson’s input and presentations in the two sessions dedicated to the potential for both harm and learning in videogames.”

—Dirk Bosmans
Communication Manager
Interactive Software Federation of Europe
PEGI (Pan European Game Information)

Dr. Olson after keynote address at Montreal International Game Summit

Dr. Olson after keynote address at Montreal International Game Summit

Dear  Cheryl:
Heartfelt thanks! You gave us an extraordinary day. As you probably know, it is rare to receive unsolicited “evaluations” by e-mail after a conference is over, in addition to the formal evaluation forms attendees complete at a conference – and we received many – even from people who participated from a distance watching it live streamed!
We heard from parents, educators, community leaders, kids… you received “rave reviews” – and mostly expressions of profound appreciation for what you gave to the audience – the learning, the new perspectives, the excitement of discovering fresh insights, the useful tools, the empowerment, and recognition of what is and can be “good” about technology in our lives.

—Gail Abarbanel, Director, Rape Treatment Center
“What the Tech? Guiding Kids in Our Digital Age”
2012 conference sponsored by RTC/
University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center

Recent presentations include:

October 2013: Keynote presentation at the 2nd International Conference of Technology Addiction, Istanbul, Turkey