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Tobacco Reporter Articles

Tobacco Reporter Articles

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Tobacco harm reduction is about taking practical, immediate action to reduce death and disease from cigarettes. Instead of shaming or lecturing smokers who can’t or won’t quit, work to help them switch to lower-risk, non-combustible products. Instead of disdaining fellow scientists who choose to create change from inside nicotine products companies, work to build bridges between public health and industry.
That’s why I now write monthly for Tobacco Reporter, a longstanding industry publication, on public health and regulatory topics. (Some articles are co-authored with toxicology Willie McKinney, Ph.D., who has deep experience in modified-risk tobacco product research and regulation.)
Acting Unnaturally: The practical and ethical issues of synthetic vs. tobacco-derived nicotine.
Crossing the Divide. When scientists make the difficult decision to work for a tobacco company.
Taming the Moral Panic. A recent landmark article in AJPH offers a rare balanced look at vaping in the U.S.
The Credibility Gap. What tobacco industry scientists wish they could say to physicians and public health researchers about their work.
Filling the Gaps. The FDA gifted you a PMTA deficiency letter…what’s your strategy?
“Grandfathered” Attitudes. New to the tobacco product industry? There are some things you need to know about past industry behavior that affects how U.S. regulators treat you.
Gold Nuggets: Gaining Insights from the FDA’s Final PMTA Rule
Perception and Intention Studies: The Most Confusing Part of an FDA Application, Explained